The Battle for Attention.


The first impression of course is the ultimate feeling of humans. It is “love at first sight.” The beholder’s judgement glimpse, justifies this ingrained emotion of appreciation.

But why is it that almost everyone is rushing to attract so much attention? People turning heads,simply gratifies their ego and self trust.

We are busy , pulling latest trends in fashion. How can you be left behind with Gucci designs, Louis Vuitton and Fenty. You’re considered an outcast if you ain’t doing this , especially in my city of Nairobi.

To be in the league of the oldies, you must be living the life , walking the talk of town. You have a ” dirty language ” if you are not hanging out in famous spots around the city, they are simply considered as Holy Grails. If you’re living a sober life then, you haven’t seen the light of the world, you’re…

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Ethnic hate speech indicates that there is no good relationship between two disputing parties .social media has been the main platform where the visibility of this conflict has been seen. According to simpson (2013), hate speech is a term of art in legal and political theory that is used to refer to verbal conduct and other symbolic communicative actions which willfully expresses intense antipathy towards some group or towards an individual on the basis of membership in some group. The availability of digital media e.g. Facebook and twitter where every individual can express his /her views freely without any restriction or regulation has resulted to the increase of ethnic hate speech especially in our own country Kenya.
Kenya is made up of 43 tribes, ethnicity has penetrated most tribes. Most communities have the feeling that they belong alone and they have no any relationship with other tribes. The influence of digital technology like social media platforms is changing human actions and beliefs as well as the foundation of our social reality and responsibility. Therefore, this research seeks to analyze instances of ethnic hate speech in familiar social media platforms like Facebook and twitter. Social media has played a big role in informing people about current affairs, it has also created a platform where people can commend or give out their opinions concerning a course of an issue. Besides all this, it has also played a role of influencing ethnic hate speech among the youth during general elections in Kenya.
Umati report of 2013 monitoring online hate speech, notes that Kenya has a history of political hate speech in the political arena (umati 2013). Through the general election of 2017, only few physical violence was reported. However, the war of words on social media was massively reported e.g. Facebook and twitter.
Social media allow communication at a cheaper coast and which is nearly zero price. It is also easy to access, can be accessed by an ordinary person who has the quest for information and connecting with friends across the world. Researchers records that Facebook has large number of users that any other social media platform. Therefore, any user with an inexpensive internet connection has the potential to broadcast any sort of message in these systems to reach millions of people within a short time across the world. To mean anyone interested can publish information on this platforms and anyone interested can obtain it.
The penetration of these platforms brings together many challenges, a good example is the challenge of balancing between the freedom of expression and the defense of human dignity as this space opens way for speeches that are harmful to certain group of people.
Ethnic conflict in Kenya is more during electioneering periods. In the 2017 general election, quite a number was observed. An example is when president uhuru Kenyatta’s victory was nullified, kikuyu community were not impressed with the court decision while on other side Luo community were celebrating with the aim that they were going to attain the democratic right. Series ethnic hate speech thrived in social media where kikuyus were using abusive languages to express their bitterness towards that action. Luos also in return used inflammatory utterances to pitch out kikuyus. Facebook recorded more.
Political differences has been the main cause of ethnic hate speech in social media. Ethnic conflict can be traced from Kenya’s colonial past. Ethnicity significantly informed the formation of national politics in Kenya which led to independence in 1963(wanyama 2010 pg 65), the growth of social media in Kenya was enhanced by the youth, most of them use this platform to share photos, commend on friends wall or even reach friends.

Background of the study

Historical background in Kenya
Internet has been growing rapidly and many people have been influenced by this digital technology and have learned how to use social media (Guardian Africa network 2012).
The technology has advanced the communication platforms, the conversations go on at all times and communicators increase with each interaction. This has been able to achieve the positive aspects, the dark side of it has also emerged. The dark side of it has been a negative ethnic hate speech among the youth
Report recorded by umati since 2013 shows that Kenya has a history of hate speech in political arena(umati 2013). Ethnicity seems a key consideration in many aspects of life in Kenya like politics, education and even business.
In the last years, hate speech hate speech was seen on streets, report of hate speech in social media was not prone. In 2013/2017 general election, hate speech in social media was more than the past five years. The strong internet population was 18 million congregating in Facebook groups, on twitter and online blog forums. The 2017 general elections is not just remembered for televised presidential debates but also by tweets and images from all over the country. The President Kenyatta’s win was upheld in Supreme Court, twitter and Facebook discussion acted as the citizen’s gallery outside courtroom.
Social media went beyond being friends and sharing funny video clips on Facebook with the ability to enhance good relation, technology and a digital way of spreading information (kinyau 2012). Twitter community known as the KOT in kenya is currently using twitter for activism.
Online platforms on august elections was actively showing out the voter turnout and even the number of votes counted.
In the august 2017 general elections, we had two major political parties in Kenya; the NASA coalition led by Raila Odinga who is from the Luo ethnic background and his deputy Kalonzo Musyoka who is from Kamba ethnic background . The other party was jubilee alliance with President Kenyatta as the leader, and who is from the kikuyu ethnic background and his deputy William ruto who is from the Kalenjin ethnic community. The NASA coalition got a strong support from the luo , luhya and Kamba communities on the other the jubilee alliance had the strong support from the kikuyu and the Kalenjin communities . Therefore, the ethnic hate speech messages were between the NASA coalition and the jubilee alliance. This led to calling for discrimination of members of a particular tribes ( Mweu 2013)


Social media has played a big role in informing people about current affairs, it has also created a platform where people interact in terms of sharing ideas and leaving comments concerning a particular issue. Besides all this, it has also created tension by influencing and mobilizing ethnic hate speech (Munyua 2014). In 2007 elections in Kenya, social media was on its way picking up, this was because most people were still not familiar with this platforms. In 2017 mobilization of hate speech amongst the youth increased since the number of user also many, social wars could be seen trending on different social media platforms.
Communication commission of Kenya reports that internet usage in Kenya has increased by 27% with over 14 million people using these platforms to receive and disseminate information. It also reports that mobile phone access has emerged the top with 99% and this means that most people access internet using their mobile phones. This has attracted and influenced many social media users across the world.
Social media has gone beyond being friends and sharing awesome video clips with the ability and aim of creating good relationship amongst people, instead it has influenced instances of ethnic conflict during electioneering periods in Kenya.
The twitter community known as KOT(Kenyans on twitter) is actively using this platform to promote activism amongst people such as #Kenyans for Kenya#.
Mweu(2013) most users of this platforms eg Facebook and twitter are using this media to output their ethnic hate speech and political frustrations while the same time criticizing elections, this in turn created conflicting words on this platforms . this research is therefore aimed at finding ways of curbing all the conflicting speeches trending on social media platforms.

1.3 Objectives

This research will be guided by the following objectives;
1. To find out how the social media influenced ethnic hate speech during elections in Kenya.
2. To find out ways in which the youth used social media to spread ethnic political propaganda during general elections in Kenya.
3. To find out ways of curbing online ethnic hate speech among the youth during general elections in Kenya

1.4 Research Questions

1. How did the social media influenced ethnic hate speech during elections in Kenya?
2. How do the youth use social media to spread ethnic political propaganda during campaign periods?
3. What are the ways that can be used to curb online ethnic hate speech among the youth during general elections in Kenya?

Digital media has become influential to a large number of people across the world especially the youth. It has also become a huge platform where people get to interact, share their views or ideas.Tradional media (newspaper, radio &television) have embraced these platforms by using them as an opinion count and one way of engaging their audiences in the program me. Therefore, it is important for political leaders, media and the entire public to understand the importance of social media in giving out views in political campaigns.
During the onset NASA presidential candidate swearing in, the government ordered the shutdown of national media houses across the country e.g. citizen, ktn,ntv,inoro tv, this was to prevent them from covering the event. During the black out, social media took the main task of disseminating information across the country. The kind of information disseminated on this platform is uncontrollable therefore; people gave out their judgement in terms of words.
Bloggers also wrote on what was going on wherever they were and asked readers to email or post comments with details about incidences they witnessed.
New media was identified as a means of people to communicate their thoughts and feelings as well as to communicate with political candidates. The youth gave out their opinion concerning what they thought concerning the shutdown or even the entire event of swearing in. some used inflammatory words to give out their feedbacks
This study is therefore timely in that it will assess how social media has been used positively or negatively in Kenya especially during general elections in an attempt to suggest ways of maximizing on its positive potential and minimizing its negative use.


Social media is playing a big role of informing people about trending issues. It has also created a platform where people can share ideas or views through leaving out their comments. Apart from all this, is has also created a path for ethnic conflict among the youth during general elections in Kenya (Munyua 2014).

2.3 The concept of social media networks
According to Ellision (2007) social media networks are defined as web-based services that allow individuals to articulate a list of other users with whom they share a connection.
Social media is unique since it allows individuals to meet strangers and allow users to articulate and make their social networks visible.

2.3.1 Twitter
Twitter is a social media platform, which was launched in 2006. It has massive number of users across the world with 230 million active users per month. According to twitter .com, its main mission is to grant each person the mandate to create and share ideas without any restriction. Twitter belongs to the microblogging sites (keplan and haenlein, 2011). In addition to the comparison between microblog and blogs, twitter is compared to other social networking that allow the spread of information and contribution to the online content either by producing content or interacting with it and other users.
Twitter is one of the social media platform that only allow users to read short 140 characters text messages known as tweets. Twitter has the hash tag that enables stories to trend for quite a longer period. An example of harsh tag is #Kenyan Election 2017.
Another important aspect mechanism of twitter is re-tweet. The power of twitter as a medium for spreading information and messages especially by stressing the importance of the re-tweet option was the main focus Tinati et al (2012)

2.3.2 Facebook
is a social media networking which has massive number of users that any other social media networking. It is the most popular social media network with approximately 1.23 billion active users globally. Facebook allows users to interact with each other by writing on other people’s walls or even sending direct messages, it also grants priority where users can update their status, upload photos as their profile or even cover photos.
Creating groups is also another priority Facebook offers to its users, users can also search for friends’ contacts and even upload videos.
Since Kenya has many people on Facebook, it has been ranked 7th among the top ten African countries on Facebook.

2.4 Social media and political campaigns

The number of people using internet in Kenya has risen with a big margin while the impact of social media can only be felt where electricity and internet access is available. According to ministry of information, Kenya 14 million users are active on internet. Most of them use internet to communicate to other people or even sell their manifestos to the public. Social media has played this role especially during elections in Kenya. During that time, active member are there giving out their judgements concerning a particular information. 14 million is 30% of the population, many users especially those working with civil society organizations use the internet mainly to spread information and collect data and this has been very beneficial for democracy in practice.

2.5 Social media access in Kenya

Communication commission of Kenya (CCK) estimated that in 2013 the number of internet users was 16.2 million which is an increase from 14.5million. This increase is attributed to growing demand of internet and data services including use of social media especially among the youth.
Social media has become important to people of Kenya, digital and social media have become an integral part of their lives allowing them to communicate.
The Kenya Company monitoring networks records that Kenya has 2003900 Facebook and this places them at position 67 worldwide. Mobile phone sales tax has become 16%, this means most Kenyans access internet including the social media platforms using their phones.

Uses and gratification theory

Uses and gratification theory suggests that media users play an active role in determining and using the media. Therefore, the users of social media have that chance to choose the kind of information they get accessed to.
Blumber (1974) users of social media take an active part in the communication process and are goal oriented in their media use. Media users seeks out a media source that best fulfills their needs (Bumber 1974). The theory assumes that the user has the power to make decisions on which media content to satisfy first. This is very relevant to social media use in Kenya where citizens of diverse background embrace social media platforms to satisfy their need of spreading and receiving information.
A good example is Kenyans on twitter; they prefer that platform because of the setting down of different trends and mobilizing many people to participate. Those using Facebook engage themselves those leaving out their comment on other people’s walls. Facebook has also come out with options where one can share information that belong to someone either public or only friends.
The uses and gratification theory a has the capability of answering what the media does to people(katz 1979).
In this case of increasing ethnic conflict and influencing negative ethnicity during general elections, Kenyans used this platform used this platforms to satisfy their needs to share views concerning a particular issue. Some people gave out views that was different from the views of others, this led to word conflicting hence hate speech.


This chapter will describe the design and specific methodology that will used in analyzing instances of ethnic hate speech in social media propagated by the youths during general elections in Kenya. It will also discuss the location, research instruments, data collection procedure and data analysis.

3.2 Research design

This research will use qualitative research design. Qualitative research is exploratory research; it will be used to gain understanding of opinions and motivations why the youth used social media to spread ethnic hate speech (Richard 2013). Qualitative research is more appropriate in this research, has the ability to generate rich detailed data, and will help in understanding a particular phenomenon.
Qualitative research design provide detailed data which will allow a framework of data collection like for example use of questionnaires and face to face interviews to gain rich data from the youth concerning ethnic conflict in social media.

3.3 Research population

Population is an aggregate or totality of all the objects, subjects or members that conform to set of specifications (pilot & hungler 1999).
Research population in this research will be the youth (students) who are in universities in Nairobi between the age of 18 -25. This is because they form the majority of people in Nairobsi and they are easy to get within the city. An article in the standard newspaper records that the youths especially students in universities spend most of their time in social media. The reason may be that they are not engaged so much in activities and that most universities have free internet access (WI-FI). The youths will spend most of their time skimming though tough issues in social media platforms, after then they leave out comments based on their understanding and feelings concerning that particular information.

3.4 Research approach: sampling technique
Sampling refers to the selection of individuals, units and settings to be studied (creswell 1998).
A large sample size is required when the accessible population is highly heterogeneous on the variable under the study. Sample size that will be used in this study will consider the youths of most universities in Nairobi. They have deep understanding on the issue under investigation and the findings since they are of different ethnic backgrounds and of different political interest.
This study will adopt purposive sampling technique; this will help in determining four familiar universities in Nairobi, two private universities and two public universities in Nairobi to ensure a broader spectrum of students with diverse ethnic background. The university students form sample of Kenyan population reason being that they spend most of their time in social media.
The research will sample the youth target group according to gender and the social media platform they use, that is either Facebook & twitter. This will help since they are people with different ethnic background; opinions have different experiences concerning different instuments.

3.5 Data collection, procedure and instruments

According kombo (2006) data collection is gathering specific information, which is aimed at proving some facts.
The researcher will use face-to-face interviews and questionnaires. Questionnaires will help to gather information from youths (students) in the four sampled universities. Questionnaires will be administered to students in the four universities, this will be done in class setting, the purpose of the study will be explained to the students and this will determine their decision in participating.
The researcher also picked the project manager of ushaidi Kenya because he is known for his work regarding to politics and social media issues. The researcher will use face-to-face interview to gain meaningful information, which will in turn help the research findings. Face to face interviews is important because it will help the researcher to create a rapport with respondent, who is the project manager at ushaidi Kenya.

The researcher will use face-to-face interview to achieve the following objectives:
1. To find out how the social media influenced ethnic hate speech during elections in Kenya.
2. To find out ways in which the youth used social media to spread ethnic political propaganda during general elections in Kenya.
3. To find out ways of curbing online ethnic hate speech among the youth during general elections in Kenya

3.5.1Questionnaire (open ended)

Here the researcher will draft out certain questions target to the youth (students) in Nairobi to achieve the objectives.
1. To find out how the social media influenced ethnic hate speech during elections in Kenya.
2. To find out ways of curbing online ethnic hate speech among the youth during general elections in Kenya

3.6 Data processing and analysis

The researcher will go through the responses collected from the interview and the questionnaires, noting down important ideas based on research questions. The researcher will then analyze all the answers provided by the respondents, comparison would then be done with the already existing facts concerning the topic.
10 students per four universities selected will be issued with questions regarding to the topic, the researcher will then mix the answers according to different characteristics like age, gender, backgrounds & religion.

Men let’s fight against poverty.

Children suffering from poverty across the world. PHOTO courtesy Gerald lusaka, zambia .

A man is a male human on earth who was created by God and granted the power over all creations on the planet ,earth. He lived many years without any companionship making him feel lonely. Later on God overlooked the kind of a situation he was in, a helper was brought unto him. After some period of time,a man found himself in a big mess led by a woman and from that time, the bond between a man and God was broken.

That same mess also brought a man into big temptations including the instance of guilt and blame. It was the responsibility of a man to drain, sweat in order to acquire better life.

In today’s world,men and women crave for the best ,work towards it knowing very well, mess brought all that. That same mess has even gone to an extend of making other people loose hope in life and that they don’t want to work tirelessly towards prosperity.
So my main question is, how can we go about driving away poverty in our own community as men? What exactly should a boy child do to become successful despite the big mess?

A man seeking for help after a serious poverty affection PHOTO courtecy of pixabay

Many articles speaks about doing away with poverty but their are some other important aspects of life that they haven’t touched though i am not well informed as to why they ignore. But according to me , i will mention and expound on some few important issues that when implemented into a mans life , then blame game is gonna be null.

Men should get the right women, slay queens and women with looks but zero brains are just but obstacle to a better future, women who only crave for better visions are the best and they might also push you to achieve more and more. Men! getting a woman who will inspire you be it psychologically or even mentor you on how to spend your money is the best woman ever on earth and will make things easy in life.
Men should should also stop being lazy,”you are lazy, too lazy for your own good. You sleep the whole day and blame the government for poverty.

Poverty isolates people, A man sitting along the street wall seeking for help. PHOTO courtesy pixabay.

Get out there and drain like other men, stop comparing your self with others, be your own. A little sleep, a little slumber , will allow poverty to overtake you making you remain worthless in the society.
A lot of men are just lazy when it comes to making money. They have enough energy to give a woman even up to five orgasms but have no energy to even start one organisation,that’s why it is so easy for men to engage in the process of copulation and manufacture of children than it is to even make encouraging stories to his children , that might change there perspective on how they approach things.

A descent minded man will always think of big and productive things. When you start keeping much junks in your head , you will end up having a junk life. I know of some men in my place, migori who are so brilliant when it comes to talking about females, about nudes,political streets, about class of merchants in the town but what surprises me is that they can’t even talk about various topics about investments and also how they can venture into enterprises for a better living. At the end they start looking at their phones yarning saying bye….. Useless things,video and memes go viral fast than constructive things. A man must open up his mind, overlook on issues,consult different souls on matters pertaining to life to become good in life even without necessarily going to university or collage.

A homeless man sleep along the street . PHOTO COURTESY pixabay.

As a thriving man in life, always get connected to big men who are better than you and they should be your mentor. A lot of men are failing because they are not mentored, they don’t care to sit down and listen to stories of those who made it in life. In the olden days, old men would sit young men down and show them how to hunt and kill animals, no man was considered great until he kills an animal personally. This men of nowadays are not instilled with proper knowledge on how to handle situation. There are men who made it in life,find a way to get mentored by those of them who are making waves and impacting people in our society.
Men please! Please! Stop spending your whole day just praying and fasting yet you know the bible tells you that God will always bless the work of your hands. In my introduction, i mentioned about the mess. No manner from heaven, you have to drain,sweat to acquire genuine wealth. let the blessings find you on the way doing something, stop using prayer as an excuse not to work.

Prayer help when men work hard, prayer without work is null.

Its not a force that your pocket remains empty, its your choice men. Crave for good life,work hard and God shall add you more and more .
Am not writing this article to prove that my pocket is not messy , am just giving out whats right and also showing the best path to follow since we men are key to family responsibilities.

This cold will kill me one day

Joshua adara at his fine moments in Tuk PHOTO courtesy by mathew sinja.

Kenya is currently experiencing a hazardous climate which might not favour majority of people. The rate at which people stay indoors explains a lot. You wake up earlier, crane your neck through the window only to meet cold wind which takes you back into the blanket. The meteorological department predicted the kind of a climate we experience daily but most of us took it for granted,pronouncing it as charlatan prediction.

For the past one week, i have been staying in the house from morning to evening just because of the cold. My alarm clock which was set to awake me by five, had already been shut off to prevent any sort of destruction . I just completely wonder how am gonna catch up with this kind of a nasty climate. I don’t know whether its only experienced in Kenya or even other places.

This is the time , i have to start drawing excuses on how i will play around with my lectures who lecture during morning hours. Remember class attendance is 70% and that is what can mandate me sit for end of semester examination which probably might be the end of my schooling.

This climate isn’t that fair to individuals like me who find waking up earlier a crisis. I am asthmatic just for this month , i will be well maybe next month when the cold shall have diminished, this is a statement from my dearest doctor and no compromise! . So to all my class mates , whenever i don’t make it for morning lectures, please just bear with me.

Yes ,yes and yes! This morning i woke up at around 5:09 just to pick a luggage sent by mum from matrimonial home in karachuonyo, I think my instinct never directed me well. Wind was swaying here and there, chunks of running water was all over,little rain was splashing everywhere. I was in a hurry since the person sent by mum was also waiting for me in order to also find his way in a different location.

I decided to follow a shortcut since following the normal way could take most of my time, waaah! What a stale moment, i whined. Chunks of mud scattered everywhere on the surface. My left sharpshooter also had a small hole on the bottom. All the running water percolated into it. Within some few minutes, my handset rung , he was Jusper, a tolerant guy sent by my mum to deliver the luggage. “My friend do you mean bado unatembea? Please hurry i wanna depart”.

That is when i came to my senses and realised that walking especially during a rainy season isn’t a joke. I started thinking whether to border ummoina sacco or not. Even if it was commuting by matatu, where was the money? I had only ten shillings which separated me from being poor and that same cent was the one i was to use for calling back my mom to confirm to her that indeed i got what she had sent to me.

Reaching at muthrwa, market a man carrying a heaving load pushed me aside and i guess he was kamau, i fell down only to realise that my ten shilling was missing. “ son of God , son of Jesus what a unbecoming moment?” I couldn’t let him just go like that, i decided to follow him, trying to explain the kind of a situation he had left me in, only to realized that Nairobi is not migori. “We kijana mjaluo enda uambie raila , mimi si baba yako”. Those were his discouraging words. I couldn’t utter even a sing word again.

Its good that through Gods mercy i managed picking my luggage up to my house.

I later realised that Mr kendo taught and told us something, this world is not that easy to maneuver in it but you have to learn getting used to it. Ha! Up to know i am not worried about the kind of a situation i went through though my ten shillings is still bubbling into my mind, i will go back and look for it, am not kidding !.


The world has gone to an extent that every person is craving for a better future through education or any other relevant way.

Success doesn’t come in a silver plate,it comes through hardworking and that is straining and sweating. Education has become the main area where young people specializes in order to build a stronger foundation for a better future. It has got no any shortcut, its either you sit down in a class, listen to you tutor, read smart , approach evaluation tests, pass with flying colours and find yourself in a better place.

Some people also believe in talents for them to become prosperous. Let me take a case in Kenya, Denish oliech was a great footballer who always craved for a better life. Out of his determination in footwork and hard work, his future is glittering and more people are in the act of being like him. Remember the two words and that is determination and hard work.

To go straight to what i want to express,six siblings craving for prosperity. We luos believe in education, it has made small homes bigger , poor minds richer and bad deed better. Why do i even value this name called education?, its because of the large experiences and also the real miracles i have glanced happened in different locations in Migori county and other places .

My family is made up of six siblings exempting my parents. My dad Mr Adara is a type who believes in the power of education and couldn’t allow any of us to go barren without education and that’s why he struggles daily to ensure that our future is better.

My elder sister Mackline Adara commenced her education at kako junior academy in oyugis, that is where she completed her primary education before she joined Mirogi girls in 2007. The journey had alot of mishaps but she still managed completing her fourth form education in 2011. Because of Gods mercy, she later joined kabarnet KMTC at around 2013.

Mackline adara at kisii kmtc. PHOTO courtesy : by mackline

Within a period of three years, her collage education was over and she was out in the field trying to maneuver strongly with life and also craving for employment. Currently she works at Rapcom hospital in Awendo even as she struggles to upgrade her studies at kisii KMTC,(Diploma in nursing). The journey of her life is quite unbelievable but in this act, i have only pointed out how she went through education in her entire life.

I think its not wrong for me to also state out how my life has always been from my early childhood status to date. I commenced my early childhood education at kako junior academy in 2000 though i cant distinctly remember well how situations were but all i can recall and point out is the identity of the school i was in.

Joshua adara and his brother davin at mfangano street in Nairobi at around noon. PHOTO courtesy by Joshua adara.

My primary level education was over in 2010 and that is at karabok primary school in oyugis. Due to privileges from heaven, i joined mirogi school at around 2011. Within a period of four years, i started counting myself in compass even though i was still not in. After all those, i joined Technical unversity of kenya in 2015 and that is where i am today studying Mass communication.

Davin adara in another upcoming great hero who commenced his studies at kako junior academy. At that particular time, he had great ambitions of becoming somebody great in the nearby future though uncertainties in him was still thriving bit by bit. His schooling was never standstill in one school, Dad kept on moving him from one school to another since his character was never pleasing . The only thing they could do, is to take him to a distanced school which could help him adopt better deeds. In 2012 a great upcoming hero joined kanyawanga school .

Davin adara at NITA. PHOTO coutercy by Joshua adara.

Life was never easy for him even as he maneuvered with his education. Indeed a journey of a thousands miles commenced with a single step, Davin got through with his high school level in 2015. Currently he is a great agricultural practitioner at chuka university where he joined to study Bachelor’s degree Agricultural extension &education.

It is always said that a blessed home is a home with two people born at the same time ,season, year and month. Oooooh! And also carried in the same womb at the same time. That is James Adara and Janet Adara. Twins with descent characters and always they prohibit contempt of others. They started schooling earlier and that is in 2006.

James opiyo adara at home in migori. PHOTO courtesy by Janet adara.

In 2014 primary education was over. Janet Adara joined nyabisawa girls in Migori county while James joined Rapogi school also in the same county. Like the progenitor’s said ,All that starts ends well, forth form education was over and that is in 2017.

Janet adara twin sister to james.

James is currently waiting for his admission at Kabarak university to study Bachelors degree in Pharmacy and that is in september while Janet will Join Masinde muliro university to study Bachelor’s degree Biotechnology in the same month as James.

Families with “kitinda mimbas “are also privileged. last borns are also craving for better future even as people think that their thinking capacities is still low. Stacy Adara has not gone much with her education but also having a great ambition.

Stacy akello. PHOTO Courtesy by James

She is currently at her early primary eight. Claims of plights have also been out of her endeavours but we as Adara’s family ,pray and hope good for our great and energetic kitinda mimba.

I was almost forgetting a little queen “nyamama” . Don’t worry that is how luos praises their young one’s.

Grandchild blessings.

She is great blessings to both our family and the entire world. Grandchildren grant peace the chance to Wonder in the entire community and even the house.

So this are the six siblings who have been craving for prosperity even as loads of mishaps try to create obstacles . Am not showing off , am just showing how the journey of education has always been better in our family even as you see our faces shone with glitter. The road has never been easy to walk along , we have just been embracing the spirit of hard work and determination toward everything .

And above all God grants chance to all people who trusts and believe.

Tears of death.

Dear death,

Do you even know why we exist?,

Do you even understand why we are unhappy with you?,

Do you even spare the good?,

Do you even understand the meaning of life?,

We hate you forever and ever.

Why are you so inhumane?,

Why do you even come piping?,

Why are you erasing good dreams,

Why are you even existing ?,

We hate you forever and ever.

We struggle with education,

At the end we reap nothing,

But why? ,

Why then should we crave to prosper?,

We hate you forever and ever.

Little brothers and sisters are no more,

Energetic men with potential abilities are nowhere,

Brilliant women down,

Why !why!.

We hate you forever and ever.

Just recently you took my little sister,

Are you even sympathetic?

Now you feel happy?

Cant you even spare us insanity?,

We hate you forever and ever.

We are still strong,

We are not coward,

Our dreams still thriving,

I kissed you goodbye,

We hate you forever and ever.

My little,

Rest in peace,

Will soon be together,

We are part and parcel of you,

We hate you forever and ever.