This cold will kill me one day

Joshua adara at his fine moments in Tuk PHOTO courtesy by mathew sinja.

Kenya is currently experiencing a hazardous climate which might not favour majority of people. The rate at which people stay indoors explains a lot. You wake up earlier, crane your neck through the window only to meet cold wind which takes you back into the blanket. The meteorological department predicted the kind of a climate we experience daily but most of us took it for granted,pronouncing it as charlatan prediction.

For the past one week, i have been staying in the house from morning to evening just because of the cold. My alarm clock which was set to awake me by five, had already been shut off to prevent any sort of destruction . I just completely wonder how am gonna catch up with this kind of a nasty climate. I don’t know whether its only experienced in Kenya or even other places.

This is the time , i have to start drawing excuses on how i will play around with my lectures who lecture during morning hours. Remember class attendance is 70% and that is what can mandate me sit for end of semester examination which probably might be the end of my schooling.

This climate isn’t that fair to individuals like me who find waking up earlier a crisis. I am asthmatic just for this month , i will be well maybe next month when the cold shall have diminished, this is a statement from my dearest doctor and no compromise! . So to all my class mates , whenever i don’t make it for morning lectures, please just bear with me.

Yes ,yes and yes! This morning i woke up at around 5:09 just to pick a luggage sent by mum from matrimonial home in karachuonyo, I think my instinct never directed me well. Wind was swaying here and there, chunks of running water was all over,little rain was splashing everywhere. I was in a hurry since the person sent by mum was also waiting for me in order to also find his way in a different location.

I decided to follow a shortcut since following the normal way could take most of my time, waaah! What a stale moment, i whined. Chunks of mud scattered everywhere on the surface. My left sharpshooter also had a small hole on the bottom. All the running water percolated into it. Within some few minutes, my handset rung , he was Jusper, a tolerant guy sent by my mum to deliver the luggage. “My friend do you mean bado unatembea? Please hurry i wanna depart”.

That is when i came to my senses and realised that walking especially during a rainy season isn’t a joke. I started thinking whether to border ummoina sacco or not. Even if it was commuting by matatu, where was the money? I had only ten shillings which separated me from being poor and that same cent was the one i was to use for calling back my mom to confirm to her that indeed i got what she had sent to me.

Reaching at muthrwa, market a man carrying a heaving load pushed me aside and i guess he was kamau, i fell down only to realise that my ten shilling was missing. “ son of God , son of Jesus what a unbecoming moment?” I couldn’t let him just go like that, i decided to follow him, trying to explain the kind of a situation he had left me in, only to realized that Nairobi is not migori. “We kijana mjaluo enda uambie raila , mimi si baba yako”. Those were his discouraging words. I couldn’t utter even a sing word again.

Its good that through Gods mercy i managed picking my luggage up to my house.

I later realised that Mr kendo taught and told us something, this world is not that easy to maneuver in it but you have to learn getting used to it. Ha! Up to know i am not worried about the kind of a situation i went through though my ten shillings is still bubbling into my mind, i will go back and look for it, am not kidding !.



The world has gone to an extent that every person is craving for a better future through education or any other relevant way.

Success doesn’t come in a silver plate,it comes through hardworking and that is straining and sweating. Education has become the main area where young people specializes in order to build a stronger foundation for a better future. It has got no any shortcut, its either you sit down in a class, listen to you tutor, read smart , approach evaluation tests, pass with flying colours and find yourself in a better place.

Some people also believe in talents for them to become prosperous. Let me take a case in Kenya, Denish oliech was a great footballer who always craved for a better life. Out of his determination in footwork and hard work, his future is glittering and more people are in the act of being like him. Remember the two words and that is determination and hard work.

To go straight to what i want to express,six siblings craving for prosperity. We luos believe in education, it has made small homes bigger , poor minds richer and bad deed better. Why do i even value this name called education?, its because of the large experiences and also the real miracles i have glanced happened in different locations in Migori county and other places .

My family is made up of six siblings exempting my parents. My dad Mr Adara is a type who believes in the power of education and couldn’t allow any of us to go barren without education and that’s why he struggles daily to ensure that our future is better.

My elder sister Mackline Adara commenced her education at kako junior academy in oyugis, that is where she completed her primary education before she joined Mirogi girls in 2007. The journey had alot of mishaps but she still managed completing her fourth form education in 2011. Because of Gods mercy, she later joined kabarnet KMTC at around 2013.

Mackline adara at kisii kmtc. PHOTO courtesy : by mackline

Within a period of three years, her collage education was over and she was out in the field trying to maneuver strongly with life and also craving for employment. Currently she works at Rapcom hospital in Awendo even as she struggles to upgrade her studies at kisii KMTC,(Diploma in nursing). The journey of her life is quite unbelievable but in this act, i have only pointed out how she went through education in her entire life.

I think its not wrong for me to also state out how my life has always been from my early childhood status to date. I commenced my early childhood education at kako junior academy in 2000 though i cant distinctly remember well how situations were but all i can recall and point out is the identity of the school i was in.

Joshua adara and his brother davin at mfangano street in Nairobi at around noon. PHOTO courtesy by Joshua adara.

My primary level education was over in 2010 and that is at karabok primary school in oyugis. Due to privileges from heaven, i joined mirogi school at around 2011. Within a period of four years, i started counting myself in compass even though i was still not in. After all those, i joined Technical unversity of kenya in 2015 and that is where i am today studying Mass communication.

Davin adara in another upcoming great hero who commenced his studies at kako junior academy. At that particular time, he had great ambitions of becoming somebody great in the nearby future though uncertainties in him was still thriving bit by bit. His schooling was never standstill in one school, Dad kept on moving him from one school to another since his character was never pleasing . The only thing they could do, is to take him to a distanced school which could help him adopt better deeds. In 2012 a great upcoming hero joined kanyawanga school .

Davin adara at NITA. PHOTO coutercy by Joshua adara.

Life was never easy for him even as he maneuvered with his education. Indeed a journey of a thousands miles commenced with a single step, Davin got through with his high school level in 2015. Currently he is a great agricultural practitioner at chuka university where he joined to study Bachelor’s degree Agricultural extension &education.

It is always said that a blessed home is a home with two people born at the same time ,season, year and month. Oooooh! And also carried in the same womb at the same time. That is James Adara and Janet Adara. Twins with descent characters and always they prohibit contempt of others. They started schooling earlier and that is in 2006.

James opiyo adara at home in migori. PHOTO courtesy by Janet adara.

In 2014 primary education was over. Janet Adara joined nyabisawa girls in Migori county while James joined Rapogi school also in the same county. Like the progenitor’s said ,All that starts ends well, forth form education was over and that is in 2017.

Janet adara twin sister to james.

James is currently waiting for his admission at Kabarak university to study Bachelors degree in Pharmacy and that is in september while Janet will Join Masinde muliro university to study Bachelor’s degree Biotechnology in the same month as James.

Families with “kitinda mimbas “are also privileged. last borns are also craving for better future even as people think that their thinking capacities is still low. Stacy Adara has not gone much with her education but also having a great ambition.

Stacy akello. PHOTO Courtesy by James

She is currently at her early primary eight. Claims of plights have also been out of her endeavours but we as Adara’s family ,pray and hope good for our great and energetic kitinda mimba.

I was almost forgetting a little queen “nyamama” . Don’t worry that is how luos praises their young one’s.

Grandchild blessings.

She is great blessings to both our family and the entire world. Grandchildren grant peace the chance to Wonder in the entire community and even the house.

So this are the six siblings who have been craving for prosperity even as loads of mishaps try to create obstacles . Am not showing off , am just showing how the journey of education has always been better in our family even as you see our faces shone with glitter. The road has never been easy to walk along , we have just been embracing the spirit of hard work and determination toward everything .

And above all God grants chance to all people who trusts and believe.

Tears of death.

Dear death,

Do you even know why we exist?,

Do you even understand why we are unhappy with you?,

Do you even spare the good?,

Do you even understand the meaning of life?,

We hate you forever and ever.

Why are you so inhumane?,

Why do you even come piping?,

Why are you erasing good dreams,

Why are you even existing ?,

We hate you forever and ever.

We struggle with education,

At the end we reap nothing,

But why? ,

Why then should we crave to prosper?,

We hate you forever and ever.

Little brothers and sisters are no more,

Energetic men with potential abilities are nowhere,

Brilliant women down,

Why !why!.

We hate you forever and ever.

Just recently you took my little sister,

Are you even sympathetic?

Now you feel happy?

Cant you even spare us insanity?,

We hate you forever and ever.

We are still strong,

We are not coward,

Our dreams still thriving,

I kissed you goodbye,

We hate you forever and ever.

My little,

Rest in peace,

Will soon be together,

We are part and parcel of you,

We hate you forever and ever.


Baadhi ya watu wapiga gumzo ili kuonyesha umoja.

Kupiga gumzo na wenzako ni jambo ambalo hatimaye yaweza kupoteza fikira duni katika maisha yako.

Jambo kuu ni kwamba nia yako ni lipi katika gumzo hilo?, iwapo hauna nia bora basi hayo ni masengenyo.

Kenya ni nchi ambalo lina watu takriban milioni arobaini, kuna makabila aina kwa aina kama vile wajaluo, wakikuyu, wakisi na wengineo. Kila tabaka lina lugha yao. Kiswahili ndilo lugha cha kitaifa na ni mojawapo ya njia matabaka wote wanaweza kushirikiana kimaelezo.

Kando na hayo , kenya ina makabila arobaini na tatu nikilinganisha wahindi waliosajiliwa na rais kama mojawapo ya wakenya. Kenya haijakuwa na amani ipasavyo. Nikiangazia mwaka wa elfu mbili kumi na saba, wakati ambapo mapigano makali yalitendeka na kuacha watu wengi wakiwa katika hali ya maututu ilhali wengine wakiaga dunia.

Ni nini haswa kilicho sababisha kisa hicho? Ni hali ya siasa ama kuna mambo mengine?.viongozi wetu hawana nia mzuri nasi, kazi yao ni kutuhusisha katika mambo ambayo hatimaye hayana manufaa yoyote.

Bila kupoteza wakati , kupiga gumzo baina ya makabila ina manufaa gani? . kupiga gumzo ni kubadilishana maona au mawazo bani ya watu wasio pungua wawili. Hapo ndipo mtu wa kwanza anaweza kutoa maoni yake jinsi anavyo elewa kisa fulani , mwenzake pia ana nafasi na kukataa ama kuongeza jinsi anavyo elewa kisa hicho.

Kupiga gumzo ina manufaa kadhaa;

1) Inaweza kuleta watu wasiojulikana pamoja.

Hili ni jambo la maana , iwapo watu wawili waliofahamiana wanapiga gumzo mahali ambapo kuna watu wengi, wanaweza kufika katika kiwango cha juu ambapo mtu yeyoye maranyingi anaweza pia kutoa maoni yake . iwapo wanacho zungumzia ina manufaa au inapendeza , mtu asiye julikana anaweza jipata katika gumzo hilo.

Gumzo kueneza furaha

2)kupiga gumzo pia inaweza leta husiano bora baina ya watu.

Kumbuka husiano bora ndilo chanzo kuu cha amani kwenye nyumba ama hata kenya nzima. Kwenye nyumba iwapo mke hana ile uzoefu wa kupiga gumzo na mumewe, chanzo cha familia hiyo kuanguka ni kubwa. Juzi tuliwaona viongazi wawili wakipiga gumzo jinsi watakavyo boresha amani nchini, baada ya kisa hicho ,walisalimiana kuonyesha kwamba kenya ni moja.

3) kupiga gumzo pia ni kuboresha amani.

Gumzo baina ya watu na amani ni kitu kimoja . maranyingi makabila tofauti wanapopiga gumzo,fikira duni kama chuki, matusi hayatakuwa.

Kuna sababu mengi lakini hayo ndio makuu. Gumzo ni muhimu sana baina yetu. Najuwa kuna baadhi ya watu ambao wanahofia kujihusisha katika gumzo haswa mahali ambao kuna watu wengi, usijali, kila mtu ana rafikiye wa roho. Anza naye .

Kwa hivyo hata ninapo maliza , usiwe na chuki, eneza amani nchini kote iwapo una uwezo. Simama imara kwa uamuzi wako , piga gumzo na mtu yeyote.

Hadithi hili limeandikwa hili kuneza amani nchini kote. Najuwa kiswahili changu bado hakiko katika kipaji cha juu , myasome maandishi hayo huenda inaweza kusaidia.

Till we meet again our dearest sister.

The body arrives and people on motion for viewer ship.

.Till we meet again our sister, we loved you more than just love.

Death is nothing at all,

I have only slipped away to the next room.
I am I and you are you.
Whatever we were to each other,
That, we still are.

Call me by my old familiar name.
Speak to me in the easy way
which you always used.
Put no difference into your tone.
Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.

Sammy ochola, polycap maningi on toe’s even as they prepare for bent’s last journey.

Laugh as we always laughed
at the little jokes we enjoyed together.
Play, smile, think of me. Pray for me.
Let my name be ever the household word
that it always was.

Let it be spoken without effect.
Without the trace of a shadow on it.
Life means all that it ever meant.
It is the same that it ever was.

There is absolute

Benta knight orangi: photo coutecy whatapp

unbroken continuity.
Why should I be out of mind
because I am out of sight?
I am but waiting for you.
For an interval.

Somewhere. Very near.
Just around the corner.
All is well.
Nothing is past; nothing is lost. One brief moment and all will be as it was before only better, infinitely happier and forever we will all be one together with

We loved benter but God loved her more than us. I take this

opportunity to even send my condolences to the family of benta. Be strong and fucused towards your goals, after all death is there to make our strong hearts get demoralised .



Almost all ladies complain that guys walk away from them just because they refused giving them sex, some are even tempted to give away their virginity just to keep guys.

Hahahaha! to me this may not be a distinct reason. Ladies, get this from me, you know i am a man. Guys are very funny beings that if you are not carefull, you might end up swimming the river of trouble.

Let it be clear here,

Virginity may not be the real reason why guys go away,yes, no doubt, there are several guys who want sex and if they dont get it, they walk away. Hahahahaha let me just laught for awhile , very interesting.

Their is something that ladies dont understand about men ,a man is naturally created and believes in what he See’s, what i mean is that he wants everything to happen immediately without considering the bad side of it but this is not the case, what i want to express is that each and every woman is created with something inbuilt and that is character.

Do you even remember the story of the ten virgins in the holy book?if then i dont need to expound more on it but because of uncertainty and also my instinct tells me that you have no idea about this, explanation is necessary.

The story reveals that both the wise and the foolish were virgins; the other five were not allowed seeing the bridegroom not because they were virgins or because they lost their virginity.

NO! But because they were foolish and they had no extra oil and the extra oil here represented the display of character.

Most girls,ladies do not have extra oil to sustain a relationship , while some brag about their virginity and at the end of the day , thats what they have to offer.

Courtecy of

Sweetheart , honey, my love or whichever name you get in return from your bofriend,let me tell you that empty minded spouses find marriages fixed and narrow. If you dont have any sense of displaying good character in a relationship ,count yourself out of the right path.

Aside of you being proud continues by your

Virginity, what can you offer to a man?

-Can you support him spiritually?

-Can you support him physically?

-How about mentally?

Coutecy of; a man seeking for attention.

All you do is to critique negatively any single mistake forgetting that a human being is never perfect.

Another is that you demand money for commuting to different places,shoes,cloths, bags and hair ,making him spend unnecessarily.

Have you ever contributed positively about his plan of future prosperity?or even sit him down to have meaningful stories about the future of that relationship? Rather that jumping from one Starbuck to another just to have unnecessary comfort.

Virgins forgets that virginity ends after the wedding but EXTRA OIL continues.

Yes!…..No one is good or perfect,

We all have our bad sides.


Ladies, try to be a woman, a man will always remember and never erase from his mind that indeed he got Mrs right.

Seeking compliment
Coutecy of

Build your man to your taste, make your man the best out of all men. Remember women are craving to have good men and that might be the one you are trying to wast.

Stop looking for a ready made husband, you have got no idea how tirelessy ,straining that man was when he was building that success.

Force yourself on the rich dude that you didnt work with to achieve what he has and get your entire life miserable than never before. Not only miserable but this are the questions you will hear,

-Did you work with me to achieve all I’ve got?

-Ever since you’ve been in this house, what has added to what you got here?

Building a man to be your own taste isn’t a crime, after all you are only paving good way for the best.

Guys give respect to ladies with plans for future,if you are a poor planner commence today on how you want to earn respect from your hubby or boyfriend.

And above all pray to God to grant you that distinct mind and the ability to determine what is right and what is not.

And this are the all i wanted to talk about. After all am releaved.

This article is disntinct to the point and is not ment to ruin anybodys reputation. To ladies try following all this and all shall be well.

Luxuries and success

There is this statement in Swahili, kutembea kwingi ndio kuona mengi. It is very true, have an adventure across the country and see how people are struggling with life for them to have it done, and that is success.

I remember back when I was in my childhood status, my dad Mr Adara was very keen on how I mingled around with people. He used to tell me, “my son this world has got a lot of dramas , don’t take things for granted,be watchful and don’t allow any kind of a nasty action to ruin your education”.

I did not distinctly understand what he meant at that particular time , only to realise later that he was on point and did not want to call a spade a spade.

I grew in a family where contempt of others was prohibited and not even a single was needed. My father used to tell me different kind of stories about people who made it in life and those who failed .

Walk in Kenya and investigate about people who deteriorated after tasting the sweetness of success, probe done indicates that almost fifty percent loved spending their entire lives with women. And not even a single day did those prawns contribute significantly as far as development is concerned.

In varsities , young potential men who can change the society have installed themselves into a groups called “team mafisi”. Out of my observation , they glance at women in the campus and with the wrong motive. Their main objective is to have their mission done. In layman’s language we understand that fisi is a hyena and this animal feast on anything around as long as the thirst of food is done away with.

Am not compromising or ruining anybody’s reputation , am just trying to hold the heart of sympathy to potential men with different abilities who tend to forget the meaning of life. Life is harsh on the side of people who can’t view things in a different perspective.

A serious man need one lady in his life, love her with utmost heart ,be her everything and she will help you build your strategies. Life is just like a business, involve many prawns and see your business default.

Why would I even say this? , I say this because life is like a race competition, the power of the start point determines the winner of the race. When you are still in your youthful of life, this is the time to decide how you want your life to appear in the nearby future . This is also the time to remain strong and focused on one particular theme of life. Don’t focus on two ways, remember njia panda zilimfanya fisi hafe.

Successful men like Raila odinga, mark zuckerburg had their strategies in life . Before they became what they are ,Am sure they decided to follow one path and they never invited any kind of a luxurious life in them. It is always said that the routes of success is bitter and success is sweeter , imagine a situation whereby you are starting an enterprise , there you have a startup capital, then in the process you feel that the capital isn’t enough to fulfil all that your business require. In that same process someone you trust fortunately intrudes himself and promises you add up capital but under certain condition . She gives you a condition of treasuring all the capital you had with her within a specific period of time , then your money will increase thrice .

She goes ahead and informs you that the only capital needed for registration is a half of the capital you had, Remember this a person you trust most. With your little knowledge you have, you decide to protect the deal.

After then, you decide to abandon everything you had in mind and decide to concentrate on the big deal. To your surprise, you realize days ,months and finally a year have passed and no substantial reaction from the person you trusted. You have been surviving on bonus just to have everything accomplished. Calling her through your handset , samahani mteja wa nambari uliopiga hapatikani kwa sasa is the response.

Looking left and right , you glance big enterprises with smart people who you were sailing with in the same ship at one particular time. Your mind becomes narrow that the only thing you can think is to jump down from times tower and have your life out of this super satanic world full of satanic thing.

And that will be the end of you. That is how success perishes .success is you ,nobody can help you achieve what you intend . Be focussed and

look straight on what you want to achieve.

Success and women is contrary , if you want to achieve all that you drafted to accomplish ,plan as a man , have a woman and finally drive away simplicity .

Look at one direction and on that thing that you want , if its education study smart , if its business ,trust yourself and not any one , involve one.

This article is not meant to ruin anybody’s reputation but to model a good image for young people who are still looking forward to thrive in life. Let them focus straight on what they want to achieve, women are bad but a woman is best for a man. Viva!